Wednesdays & Thursdays @ Harvest Holistic Hub

Katie Taylor -  Myotherapy, Naturopathy, Biomechanics and Reiki Therapist

Katie’s focus is on the treatment of all manner of chronic conditions, using manual therapies and supporting her patients with nutrients and herbs, guiding them to make dietary and lifestyle changes to help them achieve the highest state of health that they can.
Using techniques such as massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, dry-needling, heat, stretching and corrective exercise, Myotherapy assists the body in removing toxins from the soft tissues, increasing blood flow to restore movement and function, and a healthy balance.
Biomechanics addresses both the skeletal and soft tissue structures of the body, and how
they work together to affect movement and posture. Using orthotic devices,
stretching and strengthening to support and correct abnormal foot function,
improving overall posture.
Naturopathy is a system of treating illness and disease by treating the person as a whole. It
works by stimulating and supporting the body’s innate capacity to heal.
Naturopathy utilizes a variety of therapies including herbal medicine,
nutritional supplements, flower essences, diet, and physical therapies, such as
massage and exercise.
Promoting balance in the mind, body and spirit Reiki is a painless and non-invasive hands on therapy that complements any form of medical treatment. It works to restore overall vitality.

Saturdays @Harvest Holistic Hub

Whole Being Well Being Wellness Coaching

Beneficial for mental health, emotional wellbeing, physical fitness and, spiritual connection.

Welcome to a journey of upgrading yourself from where you are toward where you want to be with my diligent guidance & support.  A simple, step by step pathway toward greater health and wellbeing!  

I have developed this body of work as a musician, yoga teacher, vocal teacher, sound healing facilitator, wellness programme coordinator and disability care worker over the past 30yrs, conducting workshops, retreats and personal sessions.  All of which I fuse to now deliver private Wellness Coaching sessions here at Harvest Holistic Hub where I design, teach and coach a Wellness Program for you.   

Assisting others to learn ways to simply feel better inside and out is one of my greatest passions.   I get super excited when sharing this body of work – positively LIT on the inside!

Your bespoke Wellness Programme designed by me in collaboration with you, will embrace your personality, preferences, timetable, family and work life, skill level, energy level, physical abilities, spiritual ethics and much more … your WHOLE BEING.  

Your ‘MENU’…

BREATH WORK / MINDFULNESS – breathwork and meditation - de-stress and calm body, mind and soul and then tune UP into higher frequencies – great tools for self regulation.

BODY WORK - Unwind, open, activate and nourish body systems, increase flexibility and health - Yoga, Shiatsu, Tibetan Five … and much more.

SOUND HEALING – Sound Immersion – lay back and allow the inherent and often quantum power of sound to soothe, heal and uplift.


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